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My story

While continuing to work as a Sales Support Manager in a private company operating in the automotive sector, the adventure of making handmade hand sewn genuine leather products, which started as a hobby, turned into entrepreneurship with the interest and support of my wife, daughters, friends, friends and relatives around me. (I continue my work 08:00-18:00).

It makes me happy to see that original products come out by doing manual labor, experimenting, learning something new in every project, and it seems that it also pleases my customers :)


I would like to thank everyone who is with me in this happiness, all Guizzmo Leather lovers who support me.


Best regards,

Mehmet Cetinbudak


Guizzmo Leather

Guizzmo Leather produces accessories that you will not want to leave with you in your daily life with its extensive product options, stylish designs and quality.


Guizzmo Leather products, which you will prefer thanks to their long-lasting durability, will accompany you for a long time with their elegance and functions.


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